Starting out as a way for two elementary school buddies to avoid having a "real" job, Tulune's Southside Saloon developed into the anti-bar of the Laurel Highlands.  These two loons decided to bring something to the area that was never really embraced before: Imported and craft beer.  Sure, you could find some bottles of Penn Brewing and some Guinness on tap at random bars, but no one really committed fully to the concept.  The Two Loons went to the extreme by banning all major domestic brands of beer.  Pittsburgh Brewing was the only one left allowed, due to the fact that the Two Loons were both formerly employed by them and they are local.  They then flooded the area with beers no one around here had ever heard of before.  There were Belgian Ales, German Lagers, Japanese Rice Lagers, along with Scottish Ales, English Porters, Irish Ciders, and Stouts from Sri Lanka.  They also paved the way for American craft beers in the area by introducing Stone, Bell's, Oskar Blues, Scrumpy's, and many more to the thirsty citizens.  

This Nirvana of beer was governed by one rule: NO JERKS ALLOWED!  After 13 years in business, faces have changed, some big name beers have made their way to the shelves, the Two Loons have moved on to other projects, but there are still No Jerks Allowed.  



Open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 4pm