We are a NON-SMOKING Saloon!

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Johnstown's favorite hangout!

Oh Tulune's, how can I describe thee? 

Well, I can start off by stating that you may be 106 years old, but you look as fresh as ever.  You have the area's Largest Selection of Imported and Craft Beers hiding in your cellar, over 200 tasty morsels from 20 countries covering almost every style that a Brewmaster can dream up.  Your Staff is as helpful as they are knowledgeable about your many brews and your Food is absolutely Scrumdiddlyicious!

Your atmosphere is as Cool and Eclectic as the myriad of musical styles flowing
from your speakers and is a direct reflection of your customer base.  You have the type of bar where the Hipsters, Geeks, Jocks, Alternatives, Nerds, Yuppies, Hippies, Baby-Boomers, Emos and Punks collide in a blender of mellowness under a flag of beer appreciation.  It seems everyone is friendly and understands that we are all just trying our damnest to have the best possible time.  This nirvana is maintained through your strict No Jerks Allowed policy, which we all appreciate.

Last, but not least, I must mention your legendary events.  I really look forward to your events, such as your Anti-Valentine’s Day, Christmas in July, Helloweenie, the Mega Christmas Eve Feast, 80’s Night and Oktoberfest with real German
Beers and, of course, your amazing Beer Mung that rivals the best beer tastings in the country. 

Hands down, THE BEST place to be!


OPEN at 4pm every TUESDAY through SATURDAY


Tulune's Southside Saloon
36 Bridge Street - Route 403
Johnstown, Pa 15902
(814) 536-1001
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